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Died On This Date (January 7, 2014) Maureen Gray / Philly Sound Singer & Songwriter

Posted by themusicsover on January 7, 2014

Maureen Gray
DOB Unknown – January 7, 2014

maureen-grayMaureen Gray was a beloved soul singer whose strong and impassioned voice exemplified what became known as the Philly Sound.  Born in New York City, Gray was just five years old when she made her professional debut at Carnegie Hall.   She sang just one song that night, “Steam Heat” from Pajama Game, and received her first standing ovation.  At just 12 years old, she came to the attention of Chancellor Records who released her first record, “Today’s The Day,” which became an instant hit in the Philly area, making her the envy of her classmates.   Later, she had a Billboard charting hit with “Dancin’ The Strand,” and several other marginal hits. Gary went on to be an in-demand session singer, recording with the likes of Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Bob Marley, David Bowie, George Harrison, and John Lennon.  Maureen Gray was 65 when she died of a rare bile duct cancer on January 7, 2014.

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16 Responses to “Died On This Date (January 7, 2014) Maureen Gray / Philly Sound Singer & Songwriter”

  1. R.I.P Maureen Gray (January 7, 2014) Philly Sound Singer & Songwriter

    I met Maureen outside the Philadelphia Civic Center on September 2, 1964. Along with thousands of others we were there to try and catch a glimpse of the Beatles after they finished their first consort in Philadelphia. We were a crowd that pulsed with humanity and anticipation. Out of nowhere, from behind me, Maureen placed her warm soft hands over my eyes and said "your are the cutest crippled kid I've ever seen." I am standing there with my crutches and leg brace and could not believe that anyone would say this. I turned around and saw this beautiful young women with the most engaging smile and dimples that never stopped. She was smiling, then laughing at my reaction of surprise. After a few words of introduction she said her name was Maureen Gray. I said wow, you have the same name as the singer Maureen Gray. She said "I am that singer." I said you are full of shit. She laughed. I said OK…then sing a few bars of "Today's The Day." She smiled and belted out a few bars of her best selling hit record! There was no denying it..she was in fact Maureen Gray! We left together and that was the beginning of a most amazing summer romance…crutches and all!

  2. Jill Voshell said

    great story Tom, You should tell one of these stories at the First Person aRts story slam.

  3. Larry Russell said

    On June 19th 1972 I met Maureen in the hotel room of the group Badfinger who I was friendly with. At the time I was attracted to her, who wouldn't be? And then by 1974 I dated her for a while. She was a Buddhist and taught me how do to chant. We became reunited in 2008 when I invited her down to one of the parties at the Cutting Room. And the last time I saw her may have been in 2010 when I was playin at BB Kings with my tribute band Beatlestock. Maureen was there listening to my band and caught up with me at the end of the show. We kept in touch but by late last year she told me she was going to the hospital for tests. That was last time I heard from her. I kept sending her texts and I got no response, and now I learn that she did pass. I'm so sorry. She always wanted to jam with my band. She wanted to do a project with a friend of mine, Roberta Fabiano. Sleep well Maureen my friend.

  4. Karen Ragan-George said

    I'm sorry for the loss of someone so special to you, Larry.

  5. Sorry for your loss Larry may she RIP x

  6. Michelle Kristen Ellias said

    I am sorry for your loss Larry she sounded like a great person

  7. John B Fonfrias said

    Sorry to hear about her passing.

  8. Larry Russell said

  9. Larry Russell said

    This is Maureen (GIRL) in recent years…Its a low-rez home vid–but look at the happiness of this person singing and playing her own music. I got to talk to her 93 year Mum today, who, seemed so much younger than that age. We spoke for one hour and she will be my guest when we play in Philly on the 26th. I can't wait to meet her! Maureen once said that she was a dynamo, and I believe that is very true!

  10. Nikko Gray said

    she's feeling all the love, i'm sure of it . thank you for posting this . means a lot to me and my grandma <3

  11. Nikko Gray said

    definitely a dynamo too! haha

  12. Nikko Gray said

    this is amazing! haha thank you so much for sharing! it's been so wonderful to hear peoples stories like this . means alot . much love

  13. Louise Gray (Grammie) said

    I, (Maureen’s Mom),my Grand-Daughter (“Nikko”) and family thank you soooooooo very much for remembering and caring. Your love has touched our hearts.

    • Rod said

      Hi met you when Maureen lived in Richmond UK I was very fond of her and knew Nikko as a small girl, I was so shocked at the news of her
      passing she was a great talent Deep Condolences to you and Nikko

  14. My condolences. For Maureen Grey, I went to school with her at Sayer Jr. High. An era has passed with her. She'll be surely missed

  15. Dore said

    Maureen Gray died! Sad; she had an amazing, soulful voice. Rosetta Hightower and Maureen Gray both passed away in 2014. Legendary Philly song queens.

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