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Died On This Date (June 15, 1996) Ella Fitzgerald / Jazz Legend

Posted by themusicsover on June 15, 2010

Ella Fitzgerald
April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996

With a career that spanned nearly 60 years and achievements that included thirteen Grammys, there is no doubt that Ella Fitzgerald was one of the most important voices in popular music.  After making her singing debut at the Harlem Opera House at the age of 17, Fitzgerald quickly earned a spot at one of the Apollo Theater’s famed amateur nights and handily took first prize.  Within a year, she was singing in front of the Chick Webb Orchestra, staying with him until he died in 1939.  She subsequently took over the band with which she had recorded upwards of 150 songs.  In 1942, Fitzgerald signed a solo deal with the famed Decca label where she stayed until she moved over to the legendary Verve Records.  By now she was one of the most popular vocalists in the world.  Fitzgerald continued to record and perform throughout the ’80s, but due to poor health, made her last record in 1991 and final performance in 1993.  Ella Fitzgerald suffered from diabetes in her final years, and succumbed to it on June 15, 1996.

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7 Responses to “Died On This Date (June 15, 1996) Ella Fitzgerald / Jazz Legend”

  1. michael said

    certain individuals in life can quite easily bring tears from my eyes. when i think of my late mum who had a singing voice like Deanna Durbin.when i listen or even hear the name Ella. it was and still is ” the finest most entertaining unique voice ever in jazz.she is still with us with all the wonderful songs she gave to us.another voice one should become aquainted with is that of Joan Sutherland.All that Ella did for jazz,Joan did for opera.If you enjoy the female voice i guarantee you will enjoy much pleasure in pursuing the repertoire of these fine ladies of song.Such passion they are able to instill is beyond belief.Go, give some time to enjoy them.we pass this way but once.Don’t miss out.What a wonderful world thank God.Take care stay happy…michael

  2. Laura Morris said

    My mother breathed and lived Ella Fitzgerald. During the summer time she would open up all the windows in the house, put on an Ella Fittzgerald record (Verve label), and magic, no matter where she was, the rest of the family too, inside or outside, we were treated to Ella belting out tunes. Those were great tunes,those are great memories.

    • said

      That sounds cool Laura! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  3. David Lubin said

    I watched Ella perform in San Diego at Humphrey’s on San Diego Bay about a year before she passed on. She was very frail, but she sang one tune after another as if racing father time himself. The winds picked up at one point, causing curtains surrounding the stage to wave wildly but Ella didn’t miss a beat. It was a very spirited and unforgettable performance.

  4. Dennis Olivares said

    My Mom too was a devoted Ella-Fan, always emphasizing how she was wholly untrained– probably THE finest natural singer of them all, and surely one of the top 5 of all time in popular music. The best natural swing since Annette Hanshaw… the best diction since Ethel Waters! A true pioneer among vocalists! I especially liked her impeccable taste and phrasing before 1950, after which she clearly developed certain irritating, self-indulgent tendencies, especially in her scat-singing. I tend to brush those jazz-baroque years aside and concentrate on the stuff she did with Chick Webb, those 3 with Benny Goodman and all those Songbooks for Verve….
    What a shame she couldn’t take better care of her diabetes, or she might still be with us today. I really cried when I heard how they amputated both her legs shortly before she died… didn’t have to happen…. Still, a full life lived and of great consequence! She still helps the rest of us get through our daily struggles. Thank the provident Lord for records!!

  5. lor bernardino said

    we miss you a lot!

  6. MalaMi57 said

    I love ELLA !!!!
    forever <3

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