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Died On This Date (May 26, 1933) Jimmie Rodgers / Folk Legend

Posted by themusicsover on May 26, 2010

Jimmie Rodgers
September 8, 1897 – May 26, 1933

rodgersKnown as “The Singing Brakeman,” Jimmie Rodgers was one of country music’s first superstars, best known for his yodeling.  A natural showman at an early age, Rodgers began arranging traveling road shows while still in his early teens.    To keep him an eye on him, Rodgers’ father got him a job as a waterboy at the rail yard at which he worked.  It was there that Rodgers began learning the guitar from hobos and rail workers.  When he was 27, Rodgers came down with  tuberculosis.  Although it eventually put an end to his career with the railroad, it didn’t stop him from performing and recording.  Rodgers recorded several records in the late ’20s, including “Blue Yodel” (or “T For Texas” as it was commonly known) which would make him a household name.    By the early ’30s, Rodgers was mostly retired from the road due to the health problems brought on by the tuberculosis.  In May of 1933, he traveled to New York for what would be his final recording sessions.  It has been said that he needed to lay down and rest between each song.  Rodgers died of a lung hemorrhage just two days after his final recording session.  He was just 35.

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3 Responses to “Died On This Date (May 26, 1933) Jimmie Rodgers / Folk Legend”

  1. GYSGT Koon USMC Ret said

    Todays singers ain’t got nothin’ on Jimmy Rogers! Hell, when Jimmy was signing His Blue Yodel #10, He said it all, and everything since then has just been trying to say it a new way, But they will never beat Jimmy Rogers words.

  2. lino paiva tôrres said

    olá jimmy vc foi um grande cantor o percusor de um estilo que vai sempre exister vc jimmy era dois anos mais velo do que meu avô e eu gosto muito das suas musicas todas vc se-tivesse vivô teria cento e treze anos, e o meu avô teria cento e onze, cv foi bom em tudo que feis. —— um forte abraço lino 25/12/2010

  3. Lembit said

    Jimmie Rodgers is a true legend.He was a country Mozart.there would be no Hank Williams,
    Elvis Presley,Chuck Berry,Johnny Cash and Beatles without him.his yodeling is funny
    for someone,but he was the first official yodeler.My Favorite songs are “Mississippi delta blues” and “Waiting for a Train”.Today teenagers know only Owl City And Jonas Brothers,but
    the are nothin on Jimmie Rodgers.they are pointless.Rest in peace.

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