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Died On This Date (January 10, 2009) Billy Brown / Rockabilly Pioneer

Posted by themusicsover on January 10, 2010

Billy Brown
July 22, 1929 – January 10, 2009


Billy Brown was an American rockabilly guitarist and singer who launched his career upon his return from the Korean War.  Brown released a handful of singles before he was signed by Columbia Records in 1957.  A young Jerry Reed played on a few of those early Columbia recordings.  None of his releases sold particularly well.  Billy Brown was 79 when he passed away on January 10, 2009.

7 Responses to “Died On This Date (January 10, 2009) Billy Brown / Rockabilly Pioneer”

  1. Jerilynn Wingate said

    Miss you Billy. Miss your jokes and laughs and just everything about you. I know that you are a lot happier up there in heaven.
    See you when I get there.

  2. Billy,
    Miss eating tacos with you…….you were special to my kids….they loved you so much. Miss you coming to the store in S. Daytona…..

  3. Gordon Lincoln said

    I met Billy Brown as a child in Meadville, PA when he was a touring musical evangelist. He made several appearances at the relatively small Church of God where my family attended services. He was accompanied on some of these appearances by Allen Wingate. These are special memories – he was the first genuine musician / performer / guitar player I had ever seen up close, live, and in person.

    He was very gracious, put up with this snot-nosed star-struck boy who followed him around and asked him questions like, “How long have you played the guitar, how did you learn, what is it like to make a record.” and so forth. When my parents apologized for my annoyingly persistent questions, Billy Brown assured them that it was okay, later in the week, he singled me out to say hello to. On his next visit to the church, he remembered me and greeted me. Not a big deal as things go – but it meant a lot to me and I remember his patience and acts of kindness to me nearly 50 years later.

    My family purchased his (and Allen Wingate’s) albums and I wore them out, playing them on our certainly not state of the art, even in those times, phonograph.

    I just (very belatedly) discovered this link and one on a rockabilly blog that informed me that Billy Brown had passed away a year ago. RIP Billy Brown – you brought a lot of music and light into this world, one local audience at a time.

    • Tom Wingate said

      Yes it is true that Billy went out into the world. But I am happy to say that God had mercy on Billy and that he lived about 15-20 years as a Christian until he died. I was a friend of Billys and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at I also have some of his songs on MP3’s.
      Tom Wingate

  4. Fred said

    I think Billy went back into the world. Years ago, a person from our church was in Florida & said he was back playing in night clubs. I hope this was not true??
    Billy preached in New Castle, Pa. with church filled.

  5. Tommy Brown said

    Billy was my farther and I truly miss him! I sang with him and my brother Bill Jr. we lost one of the greatest entertainers
    there every was! My brother died a long time ago and me and my Dad were lost for so long. Now I have lost both of them! I think
    the hardest part is being the only oone left behind!

    • said

      I’m so sorry for your losses, Tommy. And I appreciate you sharing your dad with the rest of us


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