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Died On This Date (September 13, 1996) Tupac Shakur / Hip Hop Great

Posted by themusicsover on September 13, 2009

Tupac Shakur (aka 2Pac)
June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

The last known photo taken of Tupac Shakur, just 20 minutes before the shooting. With Suge Knight.Tupac Shakur was a hip hop artist whose professional career basically began as a roadie and backup dancer for Digital Underground in the late ’80s, and ended as one of the biggest selling artists of all time.  He has sold upwards of 75 million albums before and since his untimely death.  Shakur’s albums generally portrayed a life growing up with violence, racism and the hardships some face growing up in the inner city.  For the most part, his songs professed social and racial equality.  Shakur was no stranger to the judicial system.  In 1995, he was convicted for sexual assault, which many believe never happened, and was sentenced to prison.  While serving his time, his album Me Against The World was released.  He became the only artist in history to have a #1 album while incarcerated.  On September 7, 1996, was involved in an altercation following a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas.  Later that evening while riding in a car driven by Suge Knight, a car pulled up beside Knight’s vehicle.  At least one occupant fired around a dozen shots into the car, hitting Shakur four times.  The 25 year-old Tupac Shakur died from injuries sustained during the shooting six days later.  His murder has never been solved.

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