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Died On This Date (October 9, 2008) Gidget Gein / Bassist For Marilyn Manson

Posted by themusicsover on October 9, 2009

Gidget Gein (Born Bradley Stewart)
September 11, 1969 – October 9, 2008

Gidget Gein is best remembered for his time as bassist in Marilyn Manson’s band.  Just as the band started to make some noise,  Gein’s addiction to heroin and other erratic behavior lead to his being fired just as they began working with Trent Reznor who was producing their first album.  After recovering from the shock of being kicked out of the band couple with a heroin overdose, Gein moved to New York and became enveloped by the underground art scene.  He formed a band, the Dali Gaggers and recorded one album, Confessions of a Spooky Kid.  But the underbelly of the scene began taking its toll on Gein, so he moved back home to Florida to sober up.  While back in Florida, he went to work for a coroner, cleaning up after the dead.  That experience seemed to fuel his artistic demons, so he moved to Hollywood where he began to make a name for himself with his sculptures, clothing and music.   Apparently clean for a few years, the 39-year-old Gidget Gein died of a heroin overdose at a friend’s home.

Thanks to Craig Rosen at Number1Albums for the assist.

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Died On This Date (September 12, 2003) Johnny Cash

Posted by themusicsover on September 12, 2009

Johnny Cash
February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003

Technically considered a country music artist, Johnny Cash actually transcended the genre to be one of the most important singer-songwriters of any music, period.  With an authoritative deep voice, a cannon of songs that sounded like a freight train coming your way, and lyrics that made you feel as if he lived them, Cash exemplified all that is American music.  To many, he and his wife and musical partner, June Carter Cash are considered country music’s first couple.  During a career that spanned almost 5o years, Cash was equally at home performing rockabilly, folk, gospel, country, rock ‘n roll and blues.  His stable of songs included some of the greatest of any genre, “Walk The Line,” “Hey Porter,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and “A Boy Named Sue.”   Cash regularly covered songs by some of the world’s greatest artists, such as Bruce Springsteen, Trent Reznor, Depeche Mode, Bob Dylan, U2 and Tom Petty.  In many cases, his interpretations eclipsed the originals, and most of the original artists would agree to that.  Cash’s final years were bittersweet.  Although he was experiencing a true renaissance thanks to a series of haunting albums produced by Rick Rubin,  he was living through both physical and emotional pain.  In the late ’90s he was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease associated with diabetes and was hospitalized with a serious case of pneumonia that damaged his lungs.  And in May of 2003, he lost his wife June due to unexpected complications of heart surgery.  The 71 year old Johnny Cash passed away less than four months later.

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At Folsom Prison (Live) - Johnny Cash


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