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Died On This Date (August 15, 2012) Bob Birch / Journeyman Bassist; Played With Elton John, Billy Joel, Cher

Posted by themusicsover on August 15, 2012

Bob Birch
July 14, 1956 – August 15, 2012

Photo by Alexander Klink

Bob Birch was a respected bassist who worked both in the studio and on the road with some of pop music’s biggest stars.  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Birch was exposed to the greats at Motown at an early age.  Fist playing the saxophone, Birch won several awards while in school.  He eventually took up the bass and earned a scholarship to Wayne State from which he graduated with a degree in music.  During the early ’80s, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.  During his early days in L.A., Birch played on a multi-platinum Jazzercise album.  One of Birch’s first gigs as a touring bassist was for Jose Feliciano.  In 1992, Birch was hired by Elton John and went on to be his primary touring and studio bassist.  The list of artists Birch also performed live or recorded numbers in the dozens if not hundreds.  It includes Billy Joel, Cher, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Gregg Allman, Brian Wilson, and Bruce Hornsby.   He also played on such soundtracks as The Scorpion King and The Replacements.  Bob Birch died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on August 15, 2012.  He was 56.

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Died On This Date (June 8, 2011) Alan Rubin / Mr. Fabulous; The Blues Brothers Band

Posted by themusicsover on June 8, 2011

Alan Rubin
February 11, 1943 – June 8, 2011

Alan Rubin as an American trumpet player who was commonly referred to as Mr. Fabulous.  A gifted musician since childhood, Rubin started at the esteemed Julliard School of Music on a scholarship at the age of 17.  In 1975, he was hired on as the trumpet player in the original Saturday Night Live band.  In 1980, he backed fellow cast members, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in the Blues Brothers, in both the film and beyond.  His resume throughout the years reads like a pop music VIP list, having played with likes of Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, the Rolling Stones, Duke Ellington, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Miles Davis, Sting, James Brown, Ray Charles, and Eric Clapton.  Alan Rubin died of cancer on June 8, 2011.  He was 68.

Thanks to Benji Isabel for the assist

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Died On This Date (July 25, 2008) Hiram Bullock / David Letterman Guitarist

Posted by themusicsover on July 25, 2010

Hiram Bullock
September 11, 1955 – July 25, 2008

Hiram Bullock, known to David Letterman fans as the “barefoot guitarist” in Paul Shaffer’s World’s Dangerous Band has passed away on July 25, 2008 after battling throat cancer for several months.  Besides his work on the Letterman show, Bullock lent his talents to recordings by some of music’s greatest artists.  He can be heard on Sting’s Nothing Like The Sun, Paul Simon’s One Trick Pony, and Billy Joel’s The Stranger.  Bullock also released several of his own albums throughout his career.  He was 52 when he passed away.

Thanks Craig Rosen at number1Albums for the info

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Way Kool - Hiram Bullock

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Died On This Date (July 11, 1937) George Gershwin / Iconic Composer

Posted by themusicsover on July 11, 2010

George Gershwin (Born Jacob Gershowitz)
September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937

Although his career spanned just around twenty years due to his untimely death, George Gerswhin, along with his brother Ira Gershwin, created some of the most popular music of all time.  His compositions can, to this day, be heard on Broadway, in classical concert halls, films and television.  Many of his songs have become standards and have been recorded by the biggest names in show business.  That list includes Barbra Streisand, Sting, Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Diana Ross, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong.  George Gershwin died at the age of 38 during surgery for what was a brain tumor.  There have been some who disputed that a tumor caused his death.

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Died On This Date (April 16, 2008) Thomas Humphrey / Guitar Maker

Posted by themusicsover on April 16, 2010

Thomas Humphrey
DOB Unknown – April 16, 2008

Thomas Humphrey was an innovative guitar maker who came up with designs that increased the volume and projection of the instrument. His lines were so popular that he licensed a design to CF Marting & Co. His line included a replica of a guitar he built for Sting. Humphrey began making guitars in 1970, but it was in 1985, that he designed the Millennium, a guitar that would become his most popular model. The Millennium made it easier for players to reach the high notes. Specializing in classical guitars with nylon strings, his quickly became the guitars of choice with young musicians. His guitars have been used by such respected musicians as Eliot Fisk, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, and Sergio and Odair Assad. Thomas Humphrey died of a heart attack on April 16, 2008.

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