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Died On This Date (December 3, 2014) Ian McLagan / Legendary Rock Keyboardist

Posted by themusicsover on December 3, 2014

Ian McLagan
May 12, 1945 – December 3, 2014

Photo by Theresa Dimenno

Photo by Theresa Dimenno

Ian McLagan was a much respected and highly influential English keyboard player who is perhaps best remembered for his years in the Small Faces/Faces, and for his collaborations with the Rolling Stones.  He also recorded several albums with his own band throughout the years.  Launching his career during the early ’60s, McLagan’s first band of note was Boz People, playing alongside Boz Burrell of future King Crimson and Bad Company fame. In 1965, McLagan was invited to join the Small Faces which morphed into the Faces when Rod Stewart joined the group in 1969.  Each version of the group had numerous hits during their runs while influencing a generation of musicians along the way. When the Faces broke up in 1975, McLagan continued on primarily as a session player and touring keyboardist for the Rolling Stones – a position he would hold for decades.  He also recorded with the likes of Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.  He also released nearly a dozen albums with his own band over the course of his career, the most recent being 2014’s United States, for Yep Roc Records.  Ian McLagan ultimately passed away on December 3, 2014, and according to an official statement by Yep Roc, he died “surrounded by family and friends in his adopted hometown of Austin, TX, due to complications from a stroke suffered the previous day.  He was 69 years old. His manager Ken Kushnick says,  ‘He was a beloved friend to so many people and a true rock n roll spirit. His persona and gift of song impacted the music across oceans and generations.’ Ian’s bandmate in Small Faces and Faces, Kenney Jones said, ‘I am completely devastated by this shocking news and I know this goes for Ronnie [Wood] and Rod [Stewart] also.'”

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Died On This Date (November 18, 2007) Jim Ford / Country Soul Singer

Posted by themusicsover on November 18, 2009

Jim Ford
August 23, 1941 – November 18, 2007

Jim Ford was an American singer songwriter who some have called the “Godfather of Pub Rock,” a back-to-basics form of rock ‘n roll that popped up in the UK during the late ’70s.  Ford’s mix of soul, country and folk was an influence on the likes of Graham Parker, Dave Edmunds and Brinsley Schwarz.  Ford’s songs have been recorded by Schwarz, Edmunds, Bobby Womack, Nick Lowe, Aretha Franklin, Ronnie Wood, and onetime girlfriend, Bobbie Gentry.  By all accounts, Ford seems to have fallen into obscurity after the ’70s only to resurface in 2004.  After a deluxe re-issue of his 1969 Harlan County album in 2007, new interest in Ford’s music lead to talks of a new album to be produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson. But before that could come to fruition, Jim Ford was found dead in his home.  Cause of death is not known.

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Jim Ford

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Died On This Date (November 3, 2002) Lonnie Donegan / The King Of Skiffle

Posted by themusicsover on November 3, 2009

Anthony “Lonnie” Donegan
April 29, 1931 – November 3, 2002

lonnieLonnie Donegan was one of the most popular performers of the ’50s and early ’60s skiffle scene of the UK.  Skiffle was a raved up version of traditional folk, blues, jazz and country influences from the US. British Invasion bands like the Beatles rose out of the skiffle scene and claim Donegan as a direct influence. Donegan began playing guitar at the age of 14, and in 1952, he formed his first band, the Tony Donegan Jazz Band.  He switched to “Lonnie” a few years later and began playing in bands that were evolving into skiffle music by adding such instruments as banjo and washboard.  His first recording was a 1956 rave up of Lead Belly’sRock Island Line” which became a massive hit, selling in excess of three million copies.  Donegan continued to release UK high-charting records into the early ’60s, but his sound never really caught on in the U.S.  He struggled to stay relevant during the ’70s and ’80s even with such fans as Elton John, Brian May and Ronnie Wood paying tribute to his work.  His last shots of major exposure came in 2000 when he appeared on Van Morrison’s acclaimed The Skiffle Sessions album, and peformed at the Glatonbury Festival.  On November 3, 2002, Lonnie Donegan, 71, suffered what would be his final of at least three heart attacks in his later years, this last one being fatal.

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King of Skiffle - Lonnie Donegan

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