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Died On This Date (March 27, 2013) Paul Williams / Founder Of Crawdaddy! Magazine

Posted by themusicsover on March 27, 2013

Paul Williams
May 19, 1948 – March 27, 2013

paul-williamsPaul Williams was the founder of Crawdaddy!, considered by many to be America’s first national magazine devoted to rock music.  Launched while he was in college in 1966, the magazine first consisted of mimeographed pages written entirely by Williams himself.   Landing before by Rolling Stone and Creem, Crawdaddy called itself, “the first magazine to take rock and roll seriously,” making Williams a pioneer of rock journalism.    He left the magazine in 1968, but took it back over in 1993.  It ultimately closed shop in 2003.  Through a time before the internet and MTV, the pages of a handful of magazines like Crawdaddy! was where music lovers went to learn the goings-on of their favorite rock bands and musicians.  Throughout his career, Williams also penned more than 25 books including the widely acclaimed Bob Dylan: Performing Artist, a three book series.  He was considered to be an expert on the works of Dylan, Neil Young, and Brian Wilson.  In 1995, Williams suffered a severe brain injury during a bicycle mishap.  It is believed that that injury lead to his dementia and ultimately his death on March 27, 2013.  Paul Williams was 64 when he passed away.

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Died On This Date (February 27, 2013) Richard Street / The Temptations

Posted by themusicsover on February 27, 2013

Richard Street
October 5, 1942 – February 27, 2013

richard-streetRichard Street is best remembered for his 20-year tenure with legendary Motown group, the Temptations.  Born in Detroit, Michigan, the first group of note that Street sang with was the Distants along with future Temptations, Otis Williams, Al Bryant, and Melvin Franklin.  After the Distants disbanded,  Street joined another Motown singing group, the Monitors who scored a minor hit with “Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)” in 1966.  During the late ’60s, Street was invited to travel with the Temptations and sing for Paul Williams from backstage.  Williams was battling health issues at the time and couldn’t quite hit the notes, so he basically lip-synched and danced on stage.  Street ultimately replaced Williams in 1971 after Williams and Eddie Kendricks left the group.  Street’s lead vocals can be heard on such Temptations classics as “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” “Hey Girl (I Like Your Style),” and “Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are).”  After leaving the Temptations in 1993, Street performed and recorded as a solo act.  He enjoyed a successful career up until the time of his death.  On February 27, 2013, Richard Street died as a result of a pulmonary embolism.  He was 70.  Fellow Temptation, Damon Harris died just nine days earlier.

Thanks to Henk de Bruin for the assist.

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Died On This Date (August 17, 1973) Paul Williams / The Temptations

Posted by themusicsover on August 17, 2010

Paul Williams
July 2, 1939 – August 17, 1973

Paul Williams was a founding member of the great ’60s R&B act, the Temptations.  Forming the group in 1960 with David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, and Melvin Franklin, Williams was part of what would later be called “The Classic Five,” the unit that was responsible for some of modern music’s greatest songs ever.   Although the group was achieving tremendous fame and success, Williams was apparently quite miserable, suffering from sickle-cell disease as well as other personal and financial problems.  He had also developed alcohol dependency.  Tragically, Williams was found dead by his car in a deserted parking lot on August 17, 1973 by what was ruled a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  Although he was battling depression at the time, there are many friends and family who have valid reasons to believe that the fatal gunshot was anything but self-inflicted.

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Died On This Date (June 1, 1991) David Ruffin / The Temptations

Posted by themusicsover on June 1, 2010

David Ruffin
January 18, 1941 – June 1, 1991

As one-time lead singer of the Temptations, David Ruffin is arguable the greatest lead voice to come out of Motown. From 1965’s “My Girl,” to “All I Need” and “I Wish It Was Rain,” Ruffin’s voice defined the group and perhaps the era. But mounting friction caused mostly by Ruffin’s swelling ego along with his addiction to cocaine began to tear the group apart, so he was replaced in 1968. Ongoing legal problems with Motown along with his growing dependency on drugs kept his post-Temptations career from reaching the level his true talent deserved. But in 1989, things appeared to be turning around when the Temptations were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and Ruffin subsequently made peace with the other members of the group. He began working with Eddie Kendricks and Dennis Edwards, but within little over a year, Ruffin died of a drug overdose. There is some mystery about the circumstances leading to his death, like how he ended up at the hospital in Philadelphia, or what happened to $45,000 he was allegedly carrying before his death. There was even talk that his overdose might have been planned. But the official ruling nonetheless, was “accidental overdose.”   Ruffin’s mysterious death wasn’t the only one to haunt the Temptations. Founding member Paul Williams also died under suspicious circumstances.

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Died On This Date (May 19, 2011) Larry Dale / Blues Singer and Guitarist

Posted by themusicsover on May 19, 2010

Larry Dale (Born Ennis Lowery)
January 7, 1923 – May 19, 2010

Photo by André Hobus

Larry Dale was an in-demand session guitarist and singer who made his mark on numerous recordings during the ’50s and ’60s.  He was also a popular side man on the road for many touring artists of that era.  Over the years he worked with the likes of R&B saxophonist Paul Williams, Bob Gaddy, Cootie Williams,  and Big Red McHouston.  Dale also made several recordings of his own during the ’60s.  His biggest hit was “Drinkin’ Wine (Spo-Dee-O-Dee)”  Larry Dale was 86 when he passed away in his home on May 19, 2010

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