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Died On This Date (March 27, 2013) Gordon Stoker / Member Of Elvis Presley’s Jordanaires

Posted by themusicsover on March 27, 2013

Gordon Stoker
DOB Unknown – March 27, 2013

With Elvis

With Elvis

Gordon Stoker is best remembered as a member of Elvis Presley‘s backing vocalists, the Jordanaires.  He also acted as their manager.  Just 15 when he became a professional musician, Stoker eventually played piano on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry  radio program.  In 1949, he was picked up by the Jordanaires Gospel group to play piano.  Within two years, he was singing tenor in the group.  In 1956, Presley invited them to be his back up singers both live and on record.  Stoker can be heard on such records as “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You,” “I Got A Woman,” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”  The group continued on – with Stoker remaining until the time of his death – after Presley passed away in 1977.  The list of other artists that were backed by the Jordanaires on record includes Ricky Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ringo Starr, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Ween, and Kristen Chenoweth.  Gordon Stoker was 88 when he passed away on March 27, 2013.  Cause of death was not immediately released.

Thanks to Paul Bearer for the assist.

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Died On This Date (March 7, 2013) Claude King / Country Music Great

Posted by themusicsover on March 7, 2013

Claude King
February 5, 1923 – March 7, 2013

claude-kingClaude King was a popular country singer throughout the ’60s and ’70s.  Born near Shreveport, Louisiana, King was just 12 years old when he picked up the guitar.  During the ’50s, he became a regular on the widely popular radio program, Louisiana Hayride, often sharing the bill with the likes of Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams.  In 1961, King signed with Columbia Records’ Nashville label and commenced to release a series of country hits that started with 1661’s “Big River Big Man.”  Later that year, he scored another hit with “The Comancheros.”  His biggest success came in the Spring of 1962.  “Wolverton Mountain” sat at the top of the Country charts for nine of the 26 weeks it resided there.  The record also cracked the Top 10 of the pop charts and went on to sell over a million copies.  The hits continued for the next ten years, with 29 in all finding their way to the charts.   King continued to record and perform well into the 2000s and even found time to act in several movies along the way.  Claude King passed away on March 7, 2013, but not before celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary a few weeks earlier.  He was 90.

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Died On This Date (December 12, 2012) Willie Ackerman / Legendary Nashville Session Drummer

Posted by themusicsover on December 13, 2012

Willie Ackerman
May 1, 1939 – December 13, 2012

Willie Ackerman was a Nashville based drummer who, over a career that stretched from 1957 through the ’80s, recorded or performed live with the likes of Willie Nelson, Louis Armstrong, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and the Monkees, to name just a few.  Ackerman was just 17 when he launched his music career, and what followed were stints for the Grand Ole Opry, Hee Haw, and RCA Studios where he played on countless recordings. He was one of the few drummers who made the a successful transition from the traditional country of his early years, to the Nashville Sound of the ’60s, through the Outlaw movement of the ’70s.  Legendary records he can be heard on include Marty Robbins’ “El Paso,” George Jones’ “The Last Tour,” and Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses.”  Willie Ackerman was 73 when he died in his sleep on December 13, 2012.

Thanks to Henk de Bruin for the assist

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Died On This Date (November 16, 2012) Bernard Lansky / Clothier To Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison And More

Posted by themusicsover on November 16, 2012

Bernard Lansky
1927 – November 16, 2012

Bernard Lansky was a longtime Memphis clothing retailer who, along with his brother, Guy Lansky owned Lansky Brothers on Beale Street.  Since the early ’50s, the Lansky brothers helped create a visual image for celebrities who appreciated their store’s simple yet classic suits.  The long list of their musical clientele over the years included Rob Orbison, Isaac Hayes, Robert Plant, Dr. John, Johhny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Steven Tyler, and most famously, Elvis Presley.  One day back in 1952, Bernard invited a 17-year-old Presley into the store after seeing him continually window-shop outside his store.   Presley, who was working at a local movie theater at the time, remarked to Bernard that he was going to buy him out if he ever made enough money.  To that Bernard replied, “Don’t buy me, buy from me!”, and that is exactly what Presley did when he ultimately made it big. It was Lansky who put Presley in the suit he wore for that first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.   And from then on, Presley was one of Lansky Broters’ most loyal customers, and in return, the Lanskys opened the shop for him late at night so he could shop in peace and even hand-delivered suits to Graceland to try on.  When Presley died in 1977, it was Bernard who selected the suit and tie that he was buried in.  Bernard Lansky was 85 when he passed away on November 16, 2012.

Thanks to Henk de Bruin for the asssist.


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Died On This Date (July 30, 2012) Jay Parker / Designed Iconic Sun Records Logo

Posted by themusicsover on August 27, 2012

Jay Parker
February 1, 1925 – July 30, 2012

Photo by Karen Pulfer Focht

Jay Parker made one major contribution to pop music history, and it came by way of his Sun Records logo design.  Parker was just starting his career as the art director at the Memphis Engraving Company when his old high school friend, Sam Phillips, asked him he would create a logo for his new record company.  The design he ultimately created cost Phillips just $50 and has become one of the most recognized images in pop culture history.  Besides sitting in the center of countless landmark records by the likes of Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash, the image continues to live on t-shirts, totes, ash trays and shot glasses.  Parker went on to win numerous advertising awards throughout a career which spawned lasting images for such brands as the Cincinnati Bengals, Super Bubble Gum, and Alka Seltzer.  Jay Parker was 87 when he passed away on July 30, 2012.

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