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RIP, Guy Clark (May 17, 2016) Revered Texas Singer-Songwriter

Posted by themusicsover on May 17, 2016

Guy Clark
November 6, 1941 – May 17, 2016

guy-clarkGuy Clark was the true embodiment of a “songwriter’s songwriter.”  Born in Texas, Clark’s name is rarely excluded when conversations turn to the greats from that state. Alongside contemporaries like Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker, Clark laid down the foundation for what is now simply called Texas Music or Texas Country.  His lyrics, served over mostly sparse blues folk instrumentation, tended to come as close to being called literature as songs could get.  As a performer – and most of the time armed with little more than his acoustic guitar or maybe a second and a fiddle, Clark could leave an audience holding its collective breath in anticipation of the next word coming from his mouth – and many times, that was during his talk leading up to the song. He eventually settled in Nashville where he and his wife, Susanna Clark, often welcomed local songwriters into their home where they could work on perfecting their craft in informal workshops.  This open houses often hosted the likes of Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, and Steve Young.  Clark’s songs have been hits for such country luminaries as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, Ricky Skaggs, and Rodney Crowell.  For his own recordings, Clark garnered numerous accolades, including a Best Folk Album Grammy for his 2014 release, My Favorite Picture of You.  On May 17, 2016, Guy Clark died following a courageous battle against cancer.  He was 74.

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Died On This Date (June 27, 2012) Susanna Clark / American Songwriter & Artist / Wife Of Guy Clark

Posted by themusicsover on June 27, 2012

Susanna Clark
1939 – June 27, 2012

Susanna Clark was a Texas-born songwriter and artist.  She was also the longtime wife, muse, and occasional song character of fellow songwriting great, Guy Clark.  A one-time art instructor herself, Clark’s paintings have appeared on album covers for the likes of her husband (Old No. 1), Emmylou Harris (Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town), and Willie Nelson (Stardust).  As a songwriter, she either wrote or co-wrote songs that were recorded by Emmylou Harris, Carlene Carter, Jessi Colter, Jerry Jeff Walker, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Miranda Lambert.    The Clarks married in Nashville in 1972, and opened their home to friends for jams and master songwriting classes of sorts.  Regular guests included Townes Van Zandt, Crowell, and Earle.  In poor health in recent years, Susanna Clark passed away on June 27, 2012.  She was 73.

Thanks to Harold Lepidus for the assist.

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Died On This Date (December 8, 2011) Dan “Bee” Spears / Longtime Bassist For Willie Nelson

Posted by themusicsover on December 8, 2011

Dan “Bee” Spears
August 11, 1949 – December 8, 2011

Bee Spears was a Nashville bassist who is perhaps best remembered for his long tenure in Willie Nelson’s band.  Born into and raised by a musical family, Spears was just 19 when he began playing, and occasionally singing, with Nelson.  The year was 1968, and Spears went on to stand by Nelson’s side for more than 40 years.   Even when Nelson transitioned from “Nashville” to “Outlaw,” it was Spears that remained the constant.   Besides playing on such Nelson landmark  albums as Stardust and Red Headed Stranger, Spears can be heard on tracks by the likes of Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Guy Clark.  Bee Spears died on December 9, 2011 from exposure to the elements after slipping and falling near his property.  He was 62.

Thanks to Ken McCullagh for the assist.

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Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson

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Died On This Date (November 18, 2011) Wayne Scott / Singer-Songwriter; Father Of Darrell Scott

Posted by themusicsover on November 18, 2011

Wayne Scott
March 2, 1934 – November 18, 2011

Wayne Scott was a gifted songwriter and musician who could easily hold his own amongst the likes of such respected troubadours as Billy Joe Shaver and Townes Van Zandt.  Scott grew up in Kentucky, and although he was writing songs as far back as his teen years, he worked in car factories and steel mills until at the age of 40, he decided to pursue a career in music.  Over the years, his band of choice included his four sons, including famed chart topping songwriter, Darrell Scott.  Ironically, even though the elder Scott was an extremely prolific songwriter, he chose not to play his songs to his barroom audiences, but rather cover versions of country songs.  And it wasn’t until 2005 when he was 71 years old that Darrell finally convinced him to record an album.  The stunning collection, This Weary Land, is steeped in folk, country, and blues, and was produced by Darrell.  It features such guests as Guy Clark, Tim O’Brien, and Verlon Thompson.  Wayne Scott died on November 18, 2011 from injuries he sustained in a car accident.  He was 77.

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Died On This Date (January 17, 2010) Gerald McCabe / Founder of McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles

Posted by themusicsover on January 17, 2010

Gerald McCabe
January 30, 1927 – January 17, 2010

Gerald McCabe was the founder of Santa Monica, California’s McCabe’s Guitar Shop, a popular instrument store as well as beloved concert venue.  Opened in 1958, the club became the focal point of the folk scene of the ’60s and continues to host the most respected singer-songwriters to this day.  Over the years, the store’s intimate backroom stage has presented the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Beck, Hoyt Axton, Steve Earle, Jeff Buckley, Peter Case, Jim Carroll, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, The Dillards, John Hammond, and PJ Harvey, to name just a few.   Hanging on the walls throughout is a remarkable collection of vintage acoustic instruments for sale.  And on the upstairs walls hang live photos of those who have graced the stage.  It’s as close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame we have in Los Angeles.   A furniture builder by trade, it was McCabe’s love of folk music and the fact that his wife’s musician friends came to him for instrument repairs that lead to him opening the shop / club.  Following the folk boom of the ’60s, and with his desire to focus more on furniture design, McCabe sold the shop in 1986.  His furniture work has been featured in respected design magazines and related art exhibits over the years.  On Sunday, January 17, 2010, Gerald McCabe died two days after suffering a stroke.  He was 82.  If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to visit McCabe’s at 3101 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica.

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