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Died On This Date (May 12, 2014) H.R. Giger / Created Iconic Album Covers

Posted by themusicsover on May 12, 2014

Hans Rudolf Giger
February 5, 1940 – May 12, 2014

hr-gigerPerhaps best known for bringing the Alien  creature to life for the film of the same name, H.R. Giger also made a considerable contribution to pop music as well.  A surrealist painter born in Graubünden, Switzerland, Giger grew up to be one of the most revered if not controversial artists of his time.  He was awarded an Academy Award for Best Achievement for Visual Effects as part of the team who created 1979’s Alien.  Throughout his career, Giger also created some of the most visually stimulating album covers in rock history – the kind you couldn’t take your eyes off of as you listened to the album.  That list includes Emerson, Lake & Palmer‘s Brain Salad SurgeryDeborah Harry‘s Koo Koo, Danzig‘s Danzig III: How The Gods Kill, Triptykon‘s Melana Chamata, as well as the notorious poster inside the Dead Kennedy‘s Frankenchrist which lead to an obscenity trial.  He was also commissioned to design an occasional microphone stand and guitar based on his artwork.  H.R. Giger was 74 when he died while being hospitalized after falling down the stairs in his home.  Cause of death was not immediately released.

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RIP, Braindead Dave Devereaux (July 5*, 2011) Indie Record Store Owner

Posted by themusicsover on July 5, 2011

Dave Devereaux
January 31, 1970 – July 5*, 2011

Dave Devereaux was the owner of Force Of Habit Records, a popular independent record store in the Mission District area of San Francisco, California.  As a teenager, Devereaux moved with his family from Montreal, Canada to Southern California where he became obsessed with hard rock and punk, with Metallica, AC/DC and the Ramones being among his favorites.  He also did some DJing, which is when he came up with the nickname of Braindead Dave.  Devereaux eventually settled in San Fransisco, opening Force Of Habit in 2004, after building a worldwide customer following on eBay.  The store, which specialized in rare punk, vinyl and collectables, quickly became a local hang-out for area teens and music lovers of all ages.  One such loyalist was Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys fame who liked to pick through the shop’s 7″ single bins.   Devereaux liked to support the local music scene as well, often showcasing live bands at his store.  On July 5, 2011, paramedics discovered 41-year-old Dave Devereaux dead in his apartment.  Authorities initially speculated that he passed away either on that day or the one prior, while early autopsy tests proved inconclusive.  Foul play was not suspected, and according to online reports, Devereaux had been suffering from gastroesophageal problems in recent months.

*Date of death initially believed to be either July 4 or July 5, 2011.

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