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RIP, Warrel Dane (December 13, 2017) Lead Singer of Sanctuary & Nevermore

Posted by themusicsover on December 13, 2017

Warrel Dane (Born Warrel Baker)
March 7, 1961 – December 13, 2017

Second from left, with Sanctuary. Photo by David Plastik – Click To Order Quality Prints – Discount code: 10OFF

Acclaimed American Metal singer, Warrel Dane, who fronted both Sanctuary and Nevermore, died of a heart attack while working on a solo album in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was 56. Born in Seattle,  Washington, Dane trained as an opera singer before ultimately finding  his way to Metal. His first band of note, Sanctuary, signed with Epic Records in 1987.  Their debut album, Refuge Denied, was notable for being produced by Dave Mustaine, who was just growing into his own with Megadeth. It was released in 1988.  Although the band’s follow up, Into The Black, received some exposure via a video on MTV,  it was the early ’90s, and they fell victim to the newfound popularity of grunge. Rather than give in to label wishes for them to shift their sound toward grunge, Dane left the band in 1992 and formed Nevermore which leaned more progressive than Sanctuary’s thrash sound.  Nevermore signed with Century Media who went on to release their seven studio albums over the next 15 years.  In 2011, the band went on hiatus while Sanctuary reunited and released their most successful album to date, 2014’s The Year the Sun Died.  They went on to release two more studio albums before Dane’s passing.

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Died On This Date (July 14, 1999) Gar Samuelson / Megadeth Drummer

Posted by themusicsover on July 14, 2010

Gar Samuelson
February 18, 1958 – July 14, 1999

Gar Samuelson at left. Photo by David Plastik – Click To Order Quality Prints – Discount code: 10OFF

Gar Samuelson was the original drummer for thrash metal band, Megadeth.  Prior to joining Megadeth, Samuelson played in a jazz fusion band with future Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland.   But metal was Samuelson’s  calling, and once he met Megadeth leader, Dave Mustaine, his mind was made up, he had to be in that band.  Samuelson played on just two  Megadeth albums,  Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good, and the classic, Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? and toured with the band during those years.  But heavy drug abuse, specifically heroin, led to his firing by the band in 1987.  During the mid ’90s, Samuelson was playing alongside his brother in a thrash metal band called Fatal Opera which released two albums.  The last years of his life found him in Orange City, Florida where he built and ran a recording studio.  Gar Samuelson died on July 14, 1999 of liver failure at the age of 41.

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Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (Remastered) - Megadeth

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