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Died On This Date (March 23, 2012) Eric Lowen / Celebrated Singer-Songwriter; Lowen & Navarro

Posted by themusicsover on March 23, 2012

David Eric Lowen
October 23, 1951 – March 23, 2012

Eric Lowen is perhaps best remembered as one half of the much beloved duo, Lowen & Navarro. Formed with Dan Navarro first as a songwriting team during the early ’80s, Lowen and Navarro went on to pen songs for the likes of David Lee Roth, the Bangles, Dave Edmunds, the Four Tops, and the Temptations.  Their biggest hit as tunesmiths came in 1984 with Pat Benatar’s Grammy-nominated version of their beautiful song, “We Belong.”  In the early ’90s, Lowen & Navarro made the transition from songwriting to performing and recording together.   Many of their songs became staples of what would later be called Triple A radio while their intimate performances wowed audiences around the world.  In 2004, Lowen learned he was suffering from ALS, or as it’s commonly know, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Rather then give in to the disease, the duo made three more albums, including 2004’s All The Time In The World, which is, by most accounts, their best.  They also went on to perform upwards of 200 shows over the next five years, culminating in their final performance together on June 6, 2009.   After that, Navarro forged on alone while Lowen kept the duo’s legacy alive online and by overseeing the release of archival performances.  Eric Lowen ultimately died of complications from ALS on March 23, 2012.  He was 60.

Thanks to Tracy Bachman for the assist.

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6 Responses to “Died On This Date (March 23, 2012) Eric Lowen / Celebrated Singer-Songwriter; Lowen & Navarro”

  1. Jess Paxton said

    A beautiful light has gone out from the world.

  2. Deena Gordon Denesowicz said

    Eric Lowen passed away yesterday after a nine year struggle with ALS. I remember mixing Lowen and Navarro at a few local venues back in the 90’s when I was a sound engineer. Their songs were beyond beautiful and their harmonies were amazing. Their song, “We Belong” made it up the charts when Pat Benetar recorded it but as far as I am concerned, Lowen and Navarro sang it better…like it was supposed to be sung…with soul and feeling and from the heart. I miss him and will hang onto their CDs and board tapes for eternity…beauty like this can be duplicated but it also has to be celebrated…like the life of Eric Lowen. Rest in peace, my friend. Your body has crossed over the bridge to the other side but your soul will look to us all. We are blessed for having known you.

  3. Ron Martin said

    My wife and I saw Lowan and Navarro several times at the incredible Barns at Wolftrap in Virgina andtruly love the duo and theur music. I have all of their albums and have passed on the love to my 23 year old son. I was saddened when I learned of Eric’s illness but we are devastated to know that the world has lost a great artist and a lovely human being. Rest well Eric. You will be greatly missed.

  4. Gary Morris said

    My wife and I learned about Eric’s passing this morning while listening to Tangled Roots. We were incredibly blessed to have heard L&N live at McCabes, Bodie House, Jacks Sugar Shack, The Aligator Lounge, The Mint and maybe other venues I have forgotten now. We are greatly saddened by this loss to all lovers of great music but remain blessed that we shared so many evenings with L&N.

    Most importantly our deepest sympathy goes out to Eric’s family, and Dan who would likely be as close as anyone could get to another human being…to Eric.

    For anyone who is unaware of the magic this amazing team brought to the music world, most of that magic is alive and well on many of their albums. Noteworthy is the album, “All the time in the world,” among the best recordings in the history of music for my wife and I. What however will never be replaced is Eric and Dan’s last few encore songs, truly unplugged, meandering through the audience.

    We will miss Eric’s humor, voice, musicianship, writing…and amazing human spirit. The loss of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric are voids in my musical soul.

  5. Scott Mathewson said

    My wife and I first met Eric (and Dan) in 1996 and actually went on their very first fan club cruise in 1998. We have been aware of Eric’s battle with ALS and are amazed at all that he continued to accomplish despite it. On my way home from work this evening, our local classic rock station played Pat Benetar’s version of We Belong. Memories of many, many concert experiences with Eric and Dan over the years flooded into my mind. They are wonderful memories. To Dan and to Eric’s family and friends, we extend our heartfelt condolences. At the same time, we celebrate this excellent musician and special human being and are thrilled to have known him in our own small way.

  6. p.g. sturges said

    I had the great pleasure of writing a number of songs with Eric, and one song “Green Haired Girl,” with both Eric and Dan. I don’t think I ever spent a bad minute in Eric’s company (or Dan’s either). We’d laugh and talk and by the end of the afternoon another song would have come into the world. I can hardly call it work. Watching and hearing him track the demo for “Pride and Hunger” will be one of my enduring memories. A sunny, breezy day on Franklin Avenue just west of the “Shakespeare bridge.”

    Eric was a devoted musician, and to have a lifetime’s fruit ripped out of his hands, at the height of his powers, by a malevolent disease, is absolutely horrifying and completely unjust. Yet I never heard him complain. Never. The last day I spent with him, some months back, he was cheerful, kind, concerned about his loved ones. Eric was a brave man, a man’s man. He lived and died with dignity and grace. Those of us he touched will carry his memory, his laugh, forever. I can can hear it right now.

    “All the Time in the World,” the album he made with Dan coincident with the realization that he did not have all the time in world, will eventually stand as one of the great records ever made. Beautiful songs, beautifully delivered performed by men unafraid to live. I give it *** *** *** ** stars — that’s eleven!

    I salute my friends Eric and Dan, I mourn a great partnership sundered, I salute my fallen friend Eric.

    Rest in peace, brother.


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