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Died On This Date (June 8, 2010) Walt Woodward III / Drummer For The Scream

Posted by themusicsover on June 8, 2010

Walt Woodward III
February 10, 1959 – June 8, 2010

Walt Woodward III was a respected rock drummer who is perhaps best remembered for his work with the Scream, who were one of the more popular bands along L.A.’s storied Sunset Strip during the late ’80s and early ’90s.   In 1991, the band released its debut album, Let It Scream on Disney’s Hollywood Records.  The video for their “Man In The Moon” received moderate play on MTV.  Woodward played in several other bands throughout his career.  Walt Woodward III was 51 when he passed away on June 8, 2010.  Cause of death was not immediately released.

Thanks to Benjie Gordon at The Hair Up There for the assist.

11 Responses to “Died On This Date (June 8, 2010) Walt Woodward III / Drummer For The Scream”

  1. BILL JENKINS said

    He was a great guy and friend to me back in tyrant Rachel. Americade days you will be sorely missed buddy

    Bill for you,
    written by my niece,

    Your heart was always open
    It was bound by love
    Your mind was always open
    to the people around you
    you spread your creativity
    Which inspired me to be a better person

    You are now an Angel
    With pure white wings outlined in gold
    Wearing a shining halo
    You are soaring through the sky
    Swimming in the oceans
    Your personality streaming
    Across the stars

    You are holding Gabriel’s gentile hands
    Both leaving footprints in the clouds
    Your spirit surrounds us
    With falling raindrops
    You are now the earth
    Living within us

    Michelle Jenkins

    Tell Rhett i said hi

  2. michele marino said

    Walt was an awesome drummer, and a great friend to many of us. He will be sorely missed. His legend lives on in his music. Keep the music alive. Celebrate his many contributions to the music world and keep a candle burning for Walt. We will all miss you dude… Rock on…

  3. walt was the love of my life i miss him so very much my and our sons dakota life will never be the same without him everyone knows him as the rock star i met him 8 years ago when he was a regular guy but special in everyway he raised my son from the time he was one and a half Walt will always be his daddy to him he taught him how to pee like a man he taught him how to draw he showed me respect and love sure we had problems from time to time who dosnt the best time of our life was at disney world walt waqs so happy he had tears in his eyes at the end of the night and said he was thee the luckyest man to have a family with dakota and i also his great love of his mom brotheer and sister he he did everything he could for his mom walt asked me to marry him two and half years ago at walmart lol i will wear that ring for the rest of my life walt was the only person who likede my cooking he always went back for seconds lol i will be posting pictures soon until then know that walt was loved and happy we miss him dearly

    • Bill Jenkins said

      To Some maybe… To me he was a friend in the old days…he was loved and still is…he always was a regular guy but also can wicked drums too..when i met Walter.. there was no flash.. we were in our late teens..i remember the van.. and him jamming in passaic .. in the loft.they had for rehearsals…then it was the soap factory..Sundays they would pack the place..that was Rachel.. where i became close friends with Rhett Forrester..then Americade after that..i lost contact when he moved west…i knew he came back here but i couldn’t locate him..billion dollar babies will never be the same…w out him singing it.. I’m glad he had some one he loved and was a father too..

      • jacqueline collins said

        Walt talked many times about the rehearsals in Passaic at the loft everytime we passed there he had great memories of those times. Like I said I met Walt after his rock star days but he will always be a rock star We were together over 7 and half years my life will forever be changed i miss him so very much It touches me deeply that so many friends around the world respected him and saw his amazing talant and wonderful heart. Dakota our son meant the world to him and he misses all their art contest, walks, and so many other things. He misses his dad, thank you for taking the time to remember him. Jacqueline and Dakota

  4. jeff merrell said

    we have lost so many of our 80’s metal masters ….walt and the rachel band were our competition but it was a friendly rival …ny/nj was teeming overflowing with bands and tallent a great era, as i sat here today june 10 2011 looking up old friends and bandmates from years past i found this saddening news about walt…i would like to offer my deapest sympathy and heartfelt feelings to walt’s family and his many friends and fans… like rhett we have lost them too soon bless you all and the gods you pray to…..jeff steele /s.s.steele band…. ** it truly was one hell of a ride !!!!

  5. jeff merrell said



  6. Scott & Marsha Porter said

    We knew Walt back in 1985-1987, when we lived in and were the managers of his apartment complex in Monrovia, California. He was the drummer for “Shark Island” and he and his band were some really cool guys. He introduced us all to BBQ’d Shark Meat at our parties by the pool. I am so sorry to hear of his death. He will be sorely missed.

  7. Jim Grogan said

    Walt was and always will be a really good friend and awesome drummer!!!!! I remember all the great times at the Monrovia pad, with Art and Lisa. The bbq with everyone there. He would do ANYTHING he could to help a friend. He was the most down to earth Rock Star. I remember him and Art trying to teach me how to play chess. Listening to all the new recording and wanting to know what we thought of them for the new cd. All the different names for the cd. I remember driving back to Ca. from Colorado to see them play a show. I wish i could turn back time and hang out with him one more time. Walt you will be missed VERY MUCH. Let your freak flag fly. Love you Bro

  8. loved walt knew him when he was in rachel had the worst crush on him rip walt.

  9. Danni Krash said

    I knew Walt in the New Jersey days from the Soap factory when he played in a band called Rachel with Rhett Forster and then when I moved out to LA him and I hooked up he was a great drummer really good singer and a Helva nice guy I’m so sorry to find out that he passed he was a true talent and I miss him, rest in peace dude!

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