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Died On This Date (May 26, 1977) William Powell / The O’Jays

Posted by themusicsover on May 26, 2010

William Powell
January 20, 1942 – May 26, 1977

William Powell at left

As one of the founding members of the O’Jays, William Powell helped create a sound that would entertain and inspire countless fans and ultimately land the group in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He left the group due to illness in 1975 and died of cancer on May 26, 1977, but not before helping make several hit records.

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19 Responses to “Died On This Date (May 26, 1977) William Powell / The O’Jays”

  1. Don Berry said

    I didn’t know what happened to William Powell or why he left the ojays now I know RIP William ps I would like to see their old video clips back when their was 5 members in the ojays back in the 60’please help thank you

    • Roland Chambers said

      Go to you tube. type in Lonely Drifter and Lipstick Traces. These were probably their biggest hits with 5 members. By the late 60’s they down to four.

  2. rkey said

    I would like to see their old 1963 album.

  3. Marcojays said

    There are only 2 songs that you can see of the O’jays sixties
    years called ” girl machine ” and ” lipstick traces ” filmed on
    the Shivaree show .You can just saw ” lipstick traces on youtube

  4. mikeh said

    I have all of there 60’s music including there “commin through” album.

  5. Berni Grifin said

    I have been looking up the Jays for various reasons on iMDB etc. What an awful tragedy, they were absolutely fab, they made such brilliant, brilliant music. I know it’s nearly 34 years on but I was a kid in the 70’s but danced to their music at my youth club here in the UK.

  6. Norma said

    I was just talking to my daughter in Phoenix Az. She was driving past a club in the Phoenix area and the billboard said the O’Jays were playing. She didn’t know who they were nor did I so I looked them up and found this site. So, just so you know, as of 11-4-11 they are still performing.

  7. v-doll said

    Thank God for Unsung!!! I jus found out that William Powell died of cancer back in 1977. I was only 9 years old then but I wonder what had happen 2 the handsome light skin guy who sing with the o’jays.

  8. Janice Fails Gregory said

    'Memba dis?

  9. rochita roby said

    I loved Will! Still do.

  10. DJ Roxwell said

    My mama told me about when she met the O’Jays back in the day and William Powell was still a member of the group. She said that he was a very nice and decent guy. He asked her if she had children and of course she just had me months before : )

  11. grace shuler said

    I remember going to the Brevoort theater in Brooklyn, NY to see the O’Jays with my mother’s friend when I was a teen. William Powell came forward on the stage and sang part of a song to me. I can’t even remember the song. All I can remember is him being so fine.

  12. Emily Grace said

    William Powell was a very handsome, man and a good singer. Now he is with GOD.

  13. Opal Allen said

    He sure was. Shame he had to go so soon.

  14. miriam said

    RIP Handsome …😘

  15. very gd group I didn't know that one of the guys died..

  16. Sunni said

    Me too! I am so obsessed.

  17. Patrice Handy said


    I grew up in 70’s and early to the mid 80’s listening to the O’jays. They where one of my dad’s favorite groups! So sad about Mr. William Powell dying at only 35. He was a handsome man.

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