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Died On This Date (January 17, 1989) Patti McCabe / The Poni-Tails

Posted by themusicsover on January 17, 2010

Patti McCabe
DOB Unknown – January 17, 1989

Patti McCabe was a singer who released a handful of hits during the late ’50s as part of the all-girl trio, the Poni-Tails.  Formed in a Cleveland-area high school, the group, made up of McCabe, Toni Cistone and Karen Topinka (who was replaced by LaVerne Novack), were soon signed by ABC/Dunhill Records who began releasing their singles in 1958.  Their biggest was “Born Too Late” which reached #7 in the U.S. and #5 in the U.K.  By 1960, the girls had released six singles, four of which charted in the U.S. or U.K., but they decided to call it quits and each left the music business.  Patti McCabe died of cancer on January 17, 1989.

4 Responses to “Died On This Date (January 17, 1989) Patti McCabe / The Poni-Tails”

  1. minio orellana said

    Its so sad that a great singer has to die. But tell me why no one can’t anymore make music
    the way these lovely singers did?

  2. Roy said

    Just a great song, and a great memory for me. Everytime I hear it, I get a warm nostalgic feeling.

  3. Does anyone know where Patti’s daughters are? We were old friends. I have been looking for them for years!

  4. david moorr said

    I know both of them jenny and julie

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