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Died On This Date (December 23, 1994) Dan Hamilton / Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds

Posted by themusicsover on December 23, 2009

Dan Hamilton
June 1, 1946 – December 23, 1994

Photo courtesy of Danielle Plancich

Photo courtesy of Danielle Plancich

Dan Hamilton was the founding lead singer and guitarist of Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds, a soft-rock band who came to prominence thanks to a string of hits during the ’70s.  Before the formation of the band however, Hamilton found some success as a songwriter, penning “Diamond Head,” which was a minor hit for the Ventures.  Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds formed in 1965 as the T-Bones, the backing band for Hamilton’s brother, actor Judd Hamilton who had just been signed to Liberty Records.   In 1970, they signed their own deal and changed their name to Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds.  It was then they began releasing such hits as “Don’t Pull Your Love,” and “Fallin’ In Love.”  In 1993, Hamilton suddenly developed an illness that baffled his doctors.  He went from a physically active man to one who had difficulty walking and doing most other physical activities.  It was eventually determined that he was suffering from a rare hormone disorder called Cushing’s Syndrome.  Dan Hamilton was 48 when he died as a result of the condition on December 23, 1994.

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  1. Usafbrat said

    Danny is on the left, Joe is in the center and Tommy is on the right.

  2. Karen Davenport said

    Dan Hamilton, A beautiful man with a beautiful voice. Gone way to soon! Miss him very much!

  3. Debby Robertson said

    I loved this man. It is such a shame we lost him so soon! Handsome and had one of the best voices I have ever heard!

  4. Linda Minton said

    I was very sad to hear that Dan had passed away. He had one of the most remarkable voices I have ever heard. I still love all of Hamilton,Joe Frank and Reynolds songs and listen to them quite often. Miss you so much Dan. Another great artist taken from us way to soon! He was one handsome man…I agree with Debby.

  5. Tony Cortez said

    i always wondered about this group if that they were still performing. i had no idea dan hamilton had passed away so long ago! what a shame! he had such a great voice. i still have all there albums and 45’s. they were one of my favorite groups!

  6. Renee' said

    So sad to hear about Hamilton…always loved this group and all their songs….and he was a handsome man.

  7. Lori Britton said

    Dan was my second cousin. My mom is his first cousin there fathers were brothers.
    The first time I met him I was seven and my family and I were going over to Dan’s brothers house to see Dan who was in Spokane from California. We were late and we missed him “singing” for the family. So he sat me down on the hearth and sat next to me with his guitar and sang “fallin love” to me. That was the year it went gold. Not to long after his visit he sent my brother and I two albums and throughout the years we kept it touch. It was a blow for the entire family when he passed. The service was in Spokane we all attended. Yes he was very handsome and we miss him every day.
    The funny thing about his music is the day we were at his mothers funeral he was still living, we were in the car heading to the cematary one of his songs came on the radio. The same thing happened the day we attended his dad’s funeral and on the way to Dan’s we hear his music on the radio. I am sure it is really coincidence. Though whenever I am struggling I turn on the radio and there is his music. That is what prompted me to look up his name today and found this site.
    Blessings to each one of you.

    • Renee' said

      Lori…so nice to hear from someone who knew him….so glad you shared your wonderful memory..he sounds like a really nice man.

    • themusicsover said

      Hi Lori
      Thank you so much for leaving your memories on my site. Nothing makes me feel better than “hearing” from friends and loved ones of those I post here. It makes us all feel a little bit closer to them.

    • Elvisfan2k said

      Dear Lori:
      Thank you for sharing your memories! You must be proud of your cousin for his outstanding and valuable contribution to pop music! He definitely left a legacy that will remain forever! His voice was one of a kind and even though he’s gone, it still IS!
      God’s blessings to you as well!

    • L.J. Adams said

      Thank you for sharing. Do you know of any videos or anything, where we can actually see him perform? Not just audio. I would appreciate any help. He was such a wonderful singer. He had a very distinct voice. Did he have any children? There’s not much about his life that I can find online. Again , Thank you

      • Elvisfan2k said

        I don’t know if these will help, but it’s my small contribution to you.
        God’s blessings!

      • Lori Britton said

        As his second cousin. He and and my moms dads were brothers. He had one daughter for her privacy I do not want to share to much. I know Dan and has wife divorced sometime in the late 70’s and his daughter could be in her 30’s now. We have not stayed in touch after her dad died. I have never seen a video of him and do not know of any. I have a polaroid (yah how old am I) of him and I and my brother. it is in storage when I find it again I will scan it and share it on this site.
        Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I will see if my mom can tell me when he was born and where.
        I was able to find has albums on CD’s on amazon. As I have the records.

      • Elvisfan2k said

        According to
        “Dan Hamilton was born in Wenatchee, Washington and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 15. Joe Frank Carollo was born in Leland, Mississippi, and Tommy Reynolds is a native New Yorker.”
        I also know that his older brother is actor Judd Hamilton who was born on February 28, 1942 and Dan was younger. Dan’s former wife and musical partner/collaborator is Ann Hamilton-Wallace and she is on Facebook.

      • L.J. Adams said

        I found another video, it’s under the name “Jim Lovgren” on you tube. HJFR are singing “Don’t pull your Love”. On Solid Gold 1988.

    • L.J. Adams said

      I found a facebook page for Hamilton Joe Frank And Reynolds. His widow Fredrica Hamilton posted a bunch of pics and info. He was born June 1, 1946.

    • Tony Cortez said

      he had an incredible voice!…and i love those old songs too… i still have their albums and lori you must a been on cloud nine when he sang to you!….thank you so much for sharing your memories with us!….

  8. Gordon said

    Some years ago now maybe five years ago I would rarely hear the bands song “Don’t Pull Your Love” on an Australian radio station and I thought what a strange but a good name for a band.
    Anyway years went on until last night being the 29th I was listening to a radio station in America “Magic Oldies 1050 WLON live from North Carolina” and I heard this song again after so many years of not hearing it on Australian radio for a very long time.
    I sang along to it and enjoyed it very much.
    When the song came on also I automaticly knew who it was.
    Then the next day I look up to find some information on the singer and find out he had passed.

  9. Jane said

    I was quite young when I first heard “Don’t Pull Your Love Out”, probably around 10 or 11, but I remember feeling (even at that young age) so good hearing that voice and that song. Forward 40 years and I’m still into music and singing in Australia and came across this again and, wow, beautiful memories came flooding back to me thinking about the beautiful voice and how much impact it had on me. So thank you, Dan Hamilton, for gracing us with your beautiful voice and memories. I am so sad that you weren’t able to stay around to continue your amazing career.

  10. L.J. Adams said

    Thank you, Lori for sharing your memories. I love their music. I was 10 yrs. old when I feel in love with Dan, Don’t pull your love was a hit. I never stopped listening. I didn’t know he had passed away until recently. There is not much on the web about him, no bio or anything. There is one video of them singing winners and losers, but that’s about it. So it is nice to hear from someone who knew him.

  11. Don S said

    Always enjoy their music…. here is an actually LIVE version … pretty awesome

    • Barry said

      Here is another video from 1988: [youtube I’m 48 now, like most people here I was about 10 or 11 when they were in their heyday. Dan’s voice is in the exact same register as mine! When I sing along with his songs, I can really belt it out… I’m reminded of another good looking, Dan that was a talented singer songwriter that plays guitar and died too young, Dan Fogelberg. We lost him just a few years ago. “Only the good die young”

  12. wendy arbuthnot said

    I have loved Dan Hamilton ever since I was a kid. Oh my god, he was sooooooo handsome. I love his voice and their songs. I found the video of “winners and losers, quite awhile ago and I watch it everyday. I just found the video of “don’t pull your love” under the name Jim Lovgren, and now I watch it everyday. Are there any more any where that we fans can watch? RIP Dan. Many, many of us miss you!

  13. Vee McDonald said

    I met Ann Hamilton Wallace over 30 years ago, and the very first Thanksgiving I spent in Los Angeles was with Ann, Dan, their daughter, Danielle, Ann’s Mother and Father. and my whole family, and to this day July 5, 2012; Ann and I are still the best of friends. I too was also devastated by Danny’s passing, I read about it in the paper., Ann and I had lost touch, but we found each other and we remain very close. Dan Hamilton had a God Given talent. His passing was a severe blow to all of us!
    Baby Baby Falling in Love is a great song, and has been covered by many and I know for a fact that it was written by at that time Ann and Danny Hamilton. God Bless his Family left behind.

  14. Zack Smith said

    you got to love this ;).

  15. This is all true

  16. When I was 7 years old growing up in The Carolinas, I was given one of those K-Tel compilation albums you ordered off the TV. One of the “20 great hits by 20 Great Stars” was the song “Don’t Pull Your Love”. It became my favorite song in the world, and I spent hours in front of a mirror pretending to be the band pantomiming that song on my little toy guitar. I mean I spent hours listening and pretending. I went out and bought all their material.

    Flash forward to 1991, and I had just moved to Los Angeles (I finally really learned to play guitar, lol), and was trying to establish myself as a record producer, and took a day job at a photo rental house in Hollywood. Joe Frank Carollo worked there part-time, and I had the great pleasure of befriending him, and telling him my story of playing their songs in my little bedroom some 20 years earlier.

    He and Danny had just been hired to write and record a song for the Tennessee Dept. of Tourism, but really had no budget to record it, until they could get a demo approved. I had a friend who owned a 24 track studio, and long story short, I was asked to produce a song Danny wrote called “Hello Nashville”, and had the immense pleasure of recording that track with Joe-Frank and Danny.

    Now the timeline is a little fuzzy to me, but I believe that was late 91 or early 92. I’m wondering if that might have been one of the last things Danny recorded, because it was not long after that that I had heard his health had begun to fail him…they were the most fun ever to work with, and wrote and played their asses off. They were NOT a pre-fab type band that was so popular in that day. They wrote good material…

    I just wanted to say that it was kind of a childhood dream to work with those guys, even if only once. The song was just awesome, and while our session was intended to just be a demo, I think that’s the version they ended up using. I’m not sure…

    I’m sad to say that all the cassette copies I had of the song were lost long ago, and I don’t know who, if anyone has the 2″ or the master. It certainly would be a treat to hear it now, so many years later.

    At any rate, that’s my Danny and Joe Frank story. :)))

  17. Renee' said

    Loved hearing your memories Rod…

  18. MARK said

    I was 12 years old in 1975 and saw them perform “Falling in Love” on the Mike Douglas show. They played it on his show outdoors on the beach. Its was all lip synced and not live. A big gust of wind come off the ocean and blew the cymbals of the drum kit over as they were performing the song. The symbols hit the ground, and you could hear no crash as they fell. Also you could hear the symbols still being played even though the drummer couldn’t reach them being on the ground. I thought that was funny and still remember it plain as day 37 years later. I loved seeing them on TV, and performing. Love their music, it is timeless and classic.

  19. Zapata Paul said

    Dynamic Voice!

  20. A said

    Happy belated birthday, Danny! I’m sorry I’m a day late … (my bad)… this is even after I reminded myself your birthday was near in mid May. We love you! Thank you. 🙂
    Big hug!

  21. Roberto said


  22. Lynette Hamilton said

    Just thinking about my cousin today and how much I used to love see him perform here in Vegas. Rest in peace Danny, love you

  23. Alf Pastorelli said

    Dan Hamilton had a truly unique, remarkable and unmistakable voice.

    Many popular (and not-so popular) performers have either tried replicating or delivering their version of the song ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’, but none have ever produced the magic that Dan Hamilton did when he sang it.

    Still to this day, this song is alive, upbeat and as popular as when it was first released. It really does have an uplifting effect on the spirit.

    And who can forget the song ‘Falling in Love’; another one of those rare, exquisite and touching songs with the Hamilton touch that just sets the mood or want to make you turn up your radio or MP3 player.

    The good die young, but the great live forever, and Dan Hamilton is by far, no exception with the latter. Thank you Dan for your gift to the world of music!

    • Elvisfan2k said

      “Dan Hamilton had a truly unique, remarkable and unmistakable voice”
      Thank you Alf Pastorelli! I SO agree with you: there will NEVER be another Dan Hamilton! One of a kind! (That’s exactly the way I think about Elvis: the one and only!!!)
      God’s blessings!

  24. Dan is truly missed in todays music scene. I see Joe Frank is still performing and still sounding good. The good ones always seem to die young

  25. Alf Pastorelli said

    In memory of Dan Hamilton; who sadly passed away too soon on this day 19 years ago. Renowned as a superb guitarist and charismatic singer/songwriter, his music ingenuity and rich and remarkable voice still inspires the legion of fans and admirers worldwide to reminisce and celebrate his achievements.

    Dan, it may have been your destiny to pass away young – but you shall stay young everlastingly in our memories. And because you glowed brightly before his passing, your brightness will shine for all time.

    Dan, the song has ended, but the melody lingers on … Alf

  26. Jodie Henderson said

    So sad ! I just found the video and wanted to see what Dan was up to …. shame on me for not keeping up. Wow …. RIP

  27. Gabriel said

    I fell in love with Dan’s music. Even though I am so far, in Chile, I listened to his music a lot. And every time I am with my wife it seems his songs are around.


  29. Ronnie Rush said

    Just in case there is digital on the other side, I’ll say that it is hard to believe that the 20 year anniversary [of your passing]is just about here from when you and I were talking. You are thought of everyday, and all you taught me.
    Your friend, and former Roadie, Ronnie

  30. I loved that group,Hamilton Joe frank,Reynolds and songs and their songs from seventies. And Dan was very handsome. He was wonderful. Shame he died. I miss him.

  31. Tisha Kreutzer-Barela said

    I heard Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds song on the Radio tonight and decided to google them…I remembered them from my growing up in the 70's…I almost passed out when I read that Dan Hamilton died of Cushings…it's a horrendous illness that I have been fighting for most of my adult life..I have been afflicted by this sickness since I was about 33-34, I just turned 54…I can only imagine the Hell he went through…it's not a easy illness whatsoever…I have had pituitary surgery in my brain, and seeing a new specialist this week regarding my illness…God Bless you Dan…RIP…I know of what you suffered…God Bless

    • Renee' said

      So sorry for your illness…I know what you mean…I Googles them and found out about his passing also,,Shocked!!

  32. Tohmi Stokes said

    I've always love that song; "Don't Pull Your Love", still love it. I thought he kind of sounded like Elvis a bit. He had such a great singing voice and so handsome.

  33. Tohmi Stokes said

    I've always love that song; "Don't Pull Your Love", still love it. I thought he kind of sounded like Elvis a bit. He had such a great singing voice and so handsome.

  34. Maria D said

    I was…wait for it…1 when ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’ was released! However, my mother loved all her 60s and early 70’s I got to hear a lot through my early childhood and beyond. Fast forward to 2014 and I heard it again on the radio..that same song I last heard decades’ before..

    I did a quick online search and bought it and have subsequently driven my husband bonkers with the amount I play it! Every time I hear Dan Hamilton’s voice it brings a smile to my face because he had such a wonderful, beautiful tone and strength to his voice. PLUS, was he handsome or WHAT?

    It must have been so very difficult for his family to lose him so early and with so much untapped potential still.

    RIP and thanks for keeping my toes tapping and my face smiling!

  35. Diana said

    Like some of you, a few months ago I had wondered what Dan Hamilton was up to nowadays and was shocked and in saddened (in tears if you must know) to hear that he had died almost 20 years ago! I was 13 years old when “Don’t Pull Your Love” became a hit and have loved loved loved that song ever since!

    When I found out he had passed, I found a YouTube video of HJF&R performing my beloved hit and the song remained with me for days. I even awoke at night hearing Dan’s beautiful voice singing it in my head.

    Danny, know that your spirit may have left this earth, but your memory remains alive here, within all of us who loved your God-given talent. There will never be another voice like Dan Hamilton’s.

  36. Dee C said

    I love the song ‘Don’t pull your love’like forever. I even have it on our 45 jukebox! And on my IPhone too! I just found out that Dan had passed away and I am saddened. Rest in peace Dan.

  37. Alf Pastorelli said

    In memory of Dan Hamilton of Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds fame (a soft rock trio that hailed from Los Angeles, USA), who sadly passed away too soon on this day (23 December) 20 years ago.

    Dan was widely known and highly regarded as a superb guitarist and charismatic singer/songwriter. His musical mastery and his rich, remarkable and unmistakeable voice on a string of hits like ‘Fallin’ in Love’ and especially ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’, charmed audiences and delighted the most discerning critics. Regardless how often the song ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’ is played by radio stations, it has stood the test of time and shall always remain an ageless classic. A personal inspiration to me, his life was sadly cut short at 48 years of age.

    Deserving far greater recognition than was bestowed on him when he was alive, it was only when the darkness set in that the splendour of Dan’s talent shine.

    Dan, your songs have ended but your melodies will linger until the dawn of time.

  38. themusicsover said

    If any of you have a better picture of Dan Hamilton in your personal collection – that you have the rights to, I would love to replace the one above. It was the best I could find of him. I will give you credit of course, and link it to your own site if you have one.
    Please email me at


  39. kd said

    Dan had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen on a person. The eyes are the window to the soul, and what a soul he must be. I was 15 years old when I saw him on midnight special and thought “I’d marry him” he was so good looking and charismatic. He looked so italian to me. Does anyone know his ethnic background? Does he have native American roots? I have a friend who looks a lot like him who is cherokee. I am 1/4 cherokee myself, but I have blond hair and blue eyes from my Danish ancestors.

    • Lori Britton said

      Danny was my cousin our heritage is English Irish scotch and Dutch.
      On his father’s side Not sure about his mother’s.

      • Do you know if his wife is still living and do you have any pictures of his daughter and ex wife ann and his new wife i was young but i loved their music he had a great voice

      • Alf said

        Hi Linda, I just got home late (midnight) here in Australia and about to fall asleep. I have followed Dan’s music career because I so greatly admired the talent that that was bestowed on him. Two of his songs (‘Don’t Pull Your Love’ and ‘Fallin in Love’) remain to this day, my favourite. What I do know is that his first wife Ann (of Italian origin) is featured on the Internet because of a career move (not in music though even though she co-wrote ‘Fallin in Love’ with her then husband Dan). I believe she remarried and started a new career. His second wife is on Facebook and has provided some comments on Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds Facebook site. I remember reading somewhere that both his ex-wife, daughter and widow prefer privacy so out of courtesy to Dan’s family (past and present), I won’t post any pictures. Nonetheless, I hope this helps you somewhat. Alf

  40. Danielle Hamilton Plancich said

    Hello to everyone…

    I can’t believe it took me this many years to find you all. 🙂

    Dan Hamilton was my father. It brings tears to my eyes to hear so many kind words about him. Even though he has been gone for such a long time, I still miss him terribly. He was a wonderful father. I do take comfort every December 23rd because my oldest son way born on that day exact 2 years after his death.

    I have lots of photos and videos I would be happy to share if you would like. The videos might be a little harder because they are on these giant tapes that look like similar to VHS but I don’t know what you would call them. I suspect they were from the studios. I will eventually need to figure out how to get those transferred to current technology.

    Give me a few weeks to find some time and I’ll pull out the scrapbook my mother gave me and see if I can figure out how to upload some pictures.

    • Lori Britton said

      Danielle it is so great you found this page. I was wonder I g how you were doing?
      This is your second cousin, Lorinda or lori we met when you were little and talked a little bit after your dad’s funeral.
      We all miss him so much….I was just listening to one of his albums last weekend.
      I have it on CD and it got me a cross Washington state more than once.
      Glad to hear your son shares a common date with your dad. There is also a page on Facebook that Jud is on. I’ll find the Info.

      • Danielle Hamilton Plancich said

        Hi Lori –

        Thanks for sharing also.
        It is always nice to hear other family members memories of him.
        He was a really great guy and would have done anything for anyone.

      • Ruth said

        Hi Danielle, Thank you so much for posting the pictures of your dad and the band.Your dad looks are still the same so handsome different hair cut. I met him when he was in the T-bones. Lost touch with him when I moved back East.I hope you post more pictures and videos. You might want to see if can put them on DVDS? I hope you are safe and not near any of the fires? Best to you and your family. I miss him very much.

      • Ruth said

        Hi Danielle, I hope you and your family are safe feom the fires in Washington? Keep safe.

    • June said

      Hello Danielle,
      Thank you for finding this website. The tremendous loss of your father is felt and shared by many of his fans. There have been many comments – not only on this website but other websites where his fans want to see more pictures and videos in memory of your father. It would be wonderful if you could post somewhere on this website or, if that isn’t a possibility another website, pictures and videos of your talented father.

      Your father was such a gifted songwriter, singer, and guitarist missed by many and sadly taken in life so soon. Thanks Danielle, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. Your father should be very proud of his daughter in honoring him in such a beautiful way.

    • Cathy said

      Danielle it is so great of you to share the photos of your Dad. He was a one of a kind artist. His music will always be loved.

  41. themusicsover said

    Hello friends. Dan’s daughter graciously provided me with the new photo of Dan you see above. Thanks Danielle!

  42. themusicsover said

    More photos from Danielle – Snapfish

    • June said

      Thanks Danielle for uploading photos to Snapfish – it has been so fun looking at these pictures from the past! Very nice picture of your Dad on his wedding day – I am guessing that is you in the picture?…as there is no doubt that adorable little girl belongs to Dan Hamilton. Your so thoughtful to upload these pictures so promptly – what wonderful memories you must have. 🙂

      • Danielle Hamilton Plancich said

        Hi Jane –

        Yes, that was me with my dad about 30 years ago. 🙂

        I’m so glad you were able to view the pictures.
        Thank you for allowing me to contribute.

  43. Ben W. said

    I was never a huge fan of Hamilton,joe frank and Reynolds,but I certainly remember their songs and did like them.I only recently learned of Dan hamilton’s death and was saddened to hear about it,especially since he was so young.I remember his singing from their early tv performances and liked it alot.

  44. Reneé said

    Thank you Danielle for the pic!! So appreciate your sharing!!

  45. I also thought he sounded like Elvis. So sad he died so young. Don't Pull Your Love is one of my all time favorite songs:)

  46. T Stokes said

    One of his relatives commented regarding his death. It was posted on the HJF&R site on Facebook. She wrote that his death was from a stint (sp?) being removed in surgery and died during that process. It was his cousin or niece, can’t remember who wrote this. I guess he was getting better from the Cushings Syndrome.

  47. No, he didn't sound ANYTHING like Elvis. He was so much better. What an insult to Danny!!

    • Reneé said

      Yes! So much better!!

    • Elvisfan2k said

      I always liked both performers and I think they were each great in their own craft and time, so I would suggest we would completely leave any comparisons aside and just continue to enjoy their legacy! They are two respected legends who are now part of the world’s music history! Let’s just be proud of that and enjoy it! God’s blessings to all!

  48. Dan Hamilton died during surgery when having a stint removed. His cousin wrote this on the FB profile.

  49. Ruth said

    Wishing every Family,Fan,and Friend, of HJFR/D a happy Thanksgiving.

  50. Ruth said

    Wishing the family,friends and fans of HJF/D a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ruth Danielle are you going to print any more pictures of you dad and you. Also of the Group? Any tapes that you have.

  51. Donetta wright said

    Hi Danielle, Thanks for sharing. .
    Anyone would fall in love with your dad. His beautiful voice and is so handsome. .. would love to see some. Pics.. .. my favorite. All time song is fallen in love. R.I.P. Dan. Gone but not forgotten. Our oldies Angel. God Bless you and your family. .. I really hope,this isn’t. The last time we hear from. You I hope to find some cds. Soon. Always Donetta

  52. Brenda Wilfong said

    I remember Hamilton,Joe Frank &Reynolds when I heard them in my older sister’s radio. Even as a 10 year old child, I was drawn to their music, and have always remembered it 40 years later. I have prayed only recently learned of Dan’s passing, and have felt sad for his family, fans and myself. God Bless & R.I.P. Missed but never forgotten!

  53. Gini said

    wow- was so sad to read this. Back when I was in high school I met Danny. His brother lived next door to my parents and he was visiting. This was before Hamilton Joe Franks and Reynolds, but after the Ventures Diamond Head. He graciously let me interview him for my school paper on what it was like in the music world. He was very kind to this teeny bobber.

  54. patty kad said

    Hello all, I too fell in love with Dan Hamilton as a kid. I still have several HJFR albums tucked in the corner of a closet. I remember the album that smelt like roses..was that Winners and Loswers? Anyway, I have thought of Dan many times over the years and was also saddened to learn that he had passed away. Are the photos still available to view that Danielle posted? There is so little on the net about Dan.

  55. Danielle A sadness came over me when I found out Dan passed away but also such fun memories of the very early years of your Dad’s life when he lived in East Wenatchee WA. He was one of my favorite friends and even as young as I was I so loved him. He was so darn cute but more than that just plain nice. It was such a free time then when we did not have to be afraid to play and have fun outside. We had the monkey bars, merry-go-round and so much to do as children together. And bring such a small town we all became friends. Once during the time we were in class together I remember I got called in to the office seemed I was frighting some of our classmates with my stories of the frightful old man who lived in the basement of our school! I don’t remember what your Dad said but he probably thought it was funny. How lucky to have shared a little of his life. I also would see your brother Judd a lot as our schools were across the street. Danielle I don’t need to tell you wow you uncle what a good looking young man and I had such a crush on him. Being shy I always put my head down when he passed by but I knew he was there! He did know who I was though because several years later when I was a senior I went to Pasco WA to attend a dance with a friend who went to collage there….his band was playing he asked me to dance and said you are Sally English right and finally I got to talk with him and have the honor of hearing him sing and play. Danielle I hope these memories have been fun for you and I will be looking for a couple of old black and white class pictures I have of us and his other classmates in case you might like to have copies.. He may not remember me but if you talk to your uncle Judd tell him hi and what great memories I have of Dan..he was the best!!

  56. Reneé said

    What great memories you have!!❤️

  57. Sally Coonc AKA Sally English said

    Ruth how great you got to spend such great time with him and know his talents I never knew he was even going to be writing and sing songs. He is in a wonderful place still writing and singing. Nice chatting with you. Oh forgot Ruth Seattle is close to me I am just out of Tacoma I will try to contact Judd to see if he is ever going to do a gig here would love to take my family to see him.

  58. Ruth said

    Happy 70th Birthday to Danny Hamilton. This is a early birthday wish. 6/01/46. Thank you for your reply Sally.

  59. Diane D said

    Don’t pull your love was my all time favorite song. I listen to it all the time. Dan Hamilton had such an amazing voice and I was so deeply saddened to read of his death especially at such a young age. I’m so saddened that there isn’t alot on the internet about him (the most current photos, etc.)
    Heaven definitely gained a very handsome Angel with a golden voice when Dan arrived. Glad to have found this site with other devoted fans. RIP Dan, you really are missed!

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